Preparing for the Follow-Up Appointment

Today is my follow-up visit with my surgeon and did I mention a tropical storm hit the Dallas area?!?! Yes, seriously and it’s raining like crazy, but no worries!!  Oh and I realized I lost about $100, I assume it was when I got my prescriptions filled last week and it fell out of my purse as I was paying!! Yes you would assume correctly if you thought, “Has she not left the house in a week to notice it before now?”  I never have cash on me and the one time I did this happens!!  I guess God knew whoever found it needed it at that moment, and knew He would replace it to me in other ways.  Yes, I try to be a glass half full person, because life is too short not to be. But please know its hard sometimes, IJS!! 🙂

When I posted the first piece I really didn’t know how it would be received, I kept reading over it and deciding whether I wanted to even share the details of it all.  If you are familiar with StrengthsFinder, one of my top 5 is Maximizer, meaning something might be fine, but I will fret over it and change or update it and strive for perfection, even though it might have been fine to begin with. Yes I am guilty of over analyzing, but at least I know it, right! Anyway after posting and sharing the response has been great. I had people tell me they cried or almost cried reading it.  Hey, no crying, OK!!  Unless they are tears of joy, because I cried already and then when God told me “I got this” I stopped crying and began to look forward to getting this behind me!   I look at it like this, God put it on my heart to help someone and if this is how I am able to do that, then mission accomplished.  I heard from one person that committed to me that she would schedule an appointment to get her thyroid checked because, like me, she has the nodules.  I talked to another person that has been having ultrasounds and biopsies, but hasn’t decided if she will get the nodules removed.  I totally understand both because had I not had the annual exam I probably wouldn’t have done anything either.

As I prepare for the appointment I started writing questions, and it seems these questions just pop into my mind!  I have actually come to the realization I can’t remember it all, so I type them on my phone so I will have them handy at my appointment!

  • What is the next step in treatment, or am I done?
  • Am I going to be cured or have I been cured?
  • When can I go back to work? – I want to ASAP, so I need my energy level back ASAP!
  • Is the dose of the thyroid hormone
  • When will I feel “normal” again – if you know me, you know I stay on the move and I just haven’t been able to go like I normally would
  • Can I walk the dogs? – we normally do about 3 miles a day and so I need to know when we can start up again
  • Can I ride my bike? – I just got a bicycle and I really want to enjoy it!!
  • When can I start working out again? – very important because this food is literally jumping on my body and I need it off NOW!!
  • Can I have a glass of wine? – yes this is an important one 🙂

OK, let me get ready to get out in this rain and head to my appointment! Thanks again for reading and sharing this blog, I really appreciate it.

Hugs to you all!!


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